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Artwalk a success!

My personal goal this year was to finally do Whyte Avenue Artwalk and I am so glad I did! It was a busy 5 months, returning to work post second maternity leave, stepping into my dream job teaching art fulltime, and putting together my work for the artwalk! I made a goal to paint 10 pieces for the show, and ended up with 14. I am so thankful to my family, for their support to allow me to commit to this, and unwavering help from my father with daily set up and take down during the three day event. It was a lovely experience where I was able to meet wonderful new artist friends, and share my work with Edmonton. The rain kept at bay (mostly,) and we were granted sunny skies. Thank you to my new patrons and for supporting local artists. I will be going to Strathearn Artwalk September 7th. If you were in love with my poppies, ( which many of you were ,) I will be sellling/showing more during the Strathearn artwalk :) Cheers!

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