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Interested in custom art?

I'd love to paint it for you! To make the process as transparent as possible- I've made these simple steps..

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Step 1: Let's talk ART

Find a few of my paintings you really like on Instagram, or in my gallery. Once you have a few examples, send them to me in an email.

I want to know what speaks to you.

Palettes turn into their own works of ar
step 2: details

I'll send you a short list of questions to think about. What colours do you like? What type of of painting- figurative, landscape, flowers? Do you have a reference image for a portrait? Do you have a spot already picked out in your home for the piece? All fun stuff that will help you (and me!) visualize your perfect painting. 

For a quick break from korona girl,  I'm
step 3: Refine Ideas

Once we have a clear vision for your piece, I’ll send along a short agreement for you to review and sign (electronically). A deposit of 50% is required for all commission work. 

* An exact reproduction of an existing work will not be possible.

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step 4: Creation

I’ll start work on the piece and send you progress photos as I go. We can chat and make adjustments at two designated times along the way. Changes after these points will incur additional cost.

Мак _Poppy__14 in. X 14 in._Acrylic on c
step 5: finalization

When the painting is complete and the final payment has been received, your new artwork will be packaged to be picked up or shipped out. 

Let's do it!

Commission prices start at $220. Prices are subject to be modified based on the complexity of the painting and any special materials required. If you have a specific budget in mind, just let me know and I can provide some options. This is a general outline.

14” x 14” + - starts at $220

16” x 20” + - starts at $300

24” x 36” + - starts at $600

And so the irganized chaos begins. Its a
Commissions step 1

Thanks for submitting!

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